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Lyndell Giuliano has loved and appreciated the power and the beauty of horses all her life.

Wanting to understand the physical needs of the performance and pleasure horse she studied equine tactile therapy at the Australian Collage of Animal Tactile Therapy (ACATT) in Melbourne. She holds a certificate in Equine Sports Massage Therapy (2004).

Lyndell owned racehorses and originally worked in the racing industry in Melbourne. She understood the importance of equine massage for optimum health and preventive over-work injuries to the racehorse.

She now lives in the Southern Highlands and has returned to doing what she loves most. Bringing the vital role of massage to the pleasure and performance horse – enhancing their total wellbeing.

Contact Lyndell to discover how she can help you and your horse enjoy a better working relationship, help increase flexibility, softness, and range of motion, and reduce the risk of muscle fatigue injury.


for a healthier,
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many benefits

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Have you noticed that your horse is not performing as well as they have done in the past? Or displaying signs of discomfort or resistance to bend and flex when being exercised or ridden?

Has your horse developed a reluctance to be tacked up or even to come to you to be caught in the paddock?

These may all be signs that your horse has restrictions in their muscles and fascia and is therefore experiencing discomfort, pain and possibly compensatory locomotion.

Or even if your horse has no specific restrictions or areas of tension, they will benefit greatly from regular maintenance treatments to help keep them comfortable, performing at their best and to help prevent overuse injuries.

Massage can help your horse by:

Balancing the Nervous system and stimulating the Parasympathetic Nervous system, known as the “Relaxation Response”.

Re-oxygenate and alleviate muscle fatigue and spasm, thus reducing your horse’s risk of tearing muscles or tendon injury

Reduce tension in compensating muscles and helps improve circulation

Reduce inflammation in joints and muscles, allowing the muscles to move freely and with more flexibility

Releases muscle spasms or trigger points

Improves muscle flexibility, suppleness and elasticity and have greater length of stride

Increases stamina to sustain peak work performance

Helps your horse feel better, become more responsive and willing

and contact

a healthy

happy horse

Lyndell understands how much work goes into keeping your horse healthy, fit and supple and above everything else, happy. We understand the love you have for your horse. They give us so much, and try hard to please. So we want to care for their well being as best as we can. Whether you show your horse in the arena, enjoy dressage, love an endurance event or enjoy trail rides, you want your horse to perform at their best. And be pain and stress free, feeling great.

Whether your horse is three years old or thirty, massage can make a difference.

Treatment is $75 throughout the Southern Highlands. Traveling costs may apply outside Southern Highlands.

Lyndell Giuliano Cert EST
Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy